Friday, August 5, 2011

المزيد من الخسارات تطال "فيوليا"

BDS victory: Veolia loses yet another contract in the UK

“Veolia is paying a high price for its complicity in Israel’s occupation and violations of international law,” stated a press release from the UK-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) on Wednesday, after the French urban systems corporation lost yet another contract this time in Ealing, London. The contract is worth £300 million ($490 million USD) in total over 15 years, and “is even more significant given the fact that Veolia had the previous parks maintenance contract,” PSC added.

The decision to bump Veolia from Ealing’s contract was made after British activists met with city councillors and council officials and provided details about Veolia’s ongoing complicity with the Israeli goverment’s light rail project in Jerusalem, which aims to connect West Jerusalem with illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Several months ago, Veolia lost a major garbage collection contract elsewhere in London, and in March, PSC reported that a contract was awarded to an alternate company after sustained pressure on city officials by local BDS activists to cancel Veolia’s bid. Veolia also lost a contract in Richmond in February, Edinburgh in December 2010, and Sandwell in 2009...

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